5 October 2012 (Friday) - Puzzle Caches

The recycling binmen came today. I suspect that had I any loyal readers on the planet Mars they would have heard said binmen. And they took the recycling *and* put the bin back where we could get it. In the past I've grumbled about how the binmen are too lazy to actually come any closer to my house than the pavement to collect the bin. I've since been informed that the reason they won't come any closer to the house than the pavement is because of insurance reasons. What nonsense(!) How about meter readers and postmen? Whatever insurance a postman or meter reader might need to encounter the hazards in my front garden would surely be applicable to a binman.

Once brekkied I went up to town (calling in on a recently activated geocache on the way) to collect my ring. I’d taken it to the jeweller to have it made smaller on Monday, and today I got it back. It’s not falling of my finger anymore; which is a result. I’d hate to lose it after twenty six years of it being there. On the way I walked past a bunch of nutters in the park doing open-air aerobics to music. But they seemed happy, so I left them to it. Whilst in town I was surprised to see that what used to be a book shop is in the process of being replaced with a Tesco Express.

I finished in town, then made a circuit of the geocaches I put out earlier in the week. I wanted to make a bonus cache which would use questions which the punters would solve by visiting the existing caches. Whilst I was doing this, a voice chirped up “Its mister Badger”. I looked to see a total stranger grinning at me. But I’m used to this. What with my involvement in the past with the snake club and scouting and my current involvement with the astro club I find that absolutely everyone knows me. But being absolutely awful with faces I never recognise who people are, or remember where I should know them from.

Fortunately this chap introduced himself. A fellow geocacher. We’d corresponded quite a bit via email, and he recognised me from my photos on Facebook. We’d never me before, but it was good to finally meet up, and we chatted for quite a while.
Since I was in the area I popped into the Fudgery to see how the pestilential pup was doing after his operation. He seemed pleased to see me, as did the first fruit of my loin and Cheryl. And I got given pancakes and jam for my lunch, which was very nice.

Home; where I worked out all the puzzles for the cache I then put out. If any of my loyal readers are feeling in a problem-solving mood, then they might like to download a GPS app (they are free) and find the cache that I’ve hidden at N 51° 08. (A+1)(B-3)(C+5) E 000° 52.(D-1)(E)(F-5); where A,B,C,D,E and F can be found from the associated Fudge’s Folly caches dotted around the neighbourhood. I then did the same with the other series of caches I've put out. And then gave up as my PC started making very odd noises and crashed.

"er indoors TM" came home and wanted to go geocaching. The fact that it was an hour after sunset didn't dampen her enthusiasm, so we went out. In retrospect night caching is a silly thing to do. Most geocaches are difficult enough to find in the daylight; let along in the dark and in the rain. We found six before my nerves could stand no more and we came home...

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