17 October 2012 (Wednesday) - Stuff

I was rather late to bed last night. Having been out I checked my emails just before bed time. I saw that a new geocache had become active in the previous hour. It was hidden somewhere near B&Q - not two minutes walk from my house, and had not (at the time) been found. In the sad geocaching world there is great kudos attached to being the first person to find a cache, so we got dressed, put the lead on Fudge and set off. We were lucky - after rummaging about in a hedge for a few minutes we were first to find (FTF) at 11.38pm.
My first FTF and my five hundredth geocache both on the same day. I am allowing myself to feel quite smug about that.
I wasn't especially worried about being late to bed last night - what with insomnia I figured it wouldn't make much difference. And I was wide awake before 5am as I thought I would be. But I was still rather tired all day. Mind you I suspect that is more to do with the cold I seem to be developing than anything to do with acting in a very surreptitious manner at midnight last night.
Over brekkie I watched a documentary I'd recorded a day or so ago and had been looking forward to seeing. Billed as being about how the life size model of the blue whale in the natural history museum had been built, the program turned out to be a great disappointment. For every minute about the model there were five minutes spent on the contemporary history of the time.
It was also depressingly dark this morning. I'd got used to waking in the dark, and it becoming light by the time I set off to work, but today it was still dark when I got to Canterbury. The news didn't do much for my mood either. Apparently on average there are fifty people chasing each job vacancy at the moment. That doesn't bode at all well for my long hoped-for change of career. Mind you, realistically I've all but given up with the job hunting. It's rather disheartening, and what do I want with a new job anyway?
I did my bit at work, and I came home to find the postman had been. He'd delivered my copy of Viz. Over the last year I'd rather stopped reading that magazine. One of many austerity measures. But one of life's daft facts is that it's far cheaper to have the magazine delivered by post than it is to buy the thing in the shops. So I'm now again getting my monthly fix of nonsense. I've quite missed Viz. If any of my loyal readers haven't read it, I'd suggest giving it a try. For non-stop knob jokes it takes some beating. That is - if you like knob jokes....

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