10 October 2012 (Wednesday) - Purple Chocolate

It was pitch black outside when I got up this morning. i watched a bit of Bob Ross over breakfast - an episode I'd not seen before. For all that Bob made over thirty seasons of "The Joy of Painting", there only ever seems to be the same dozen episodes ever shown on the telly. It was good to see something different.
And then I wasted ten minutes watching re-runs of "Treacle People". Quality!

The news boiled my piss this morning. Apparently the chocolate giant Cadbury's have claimed dibs on the colour purple. Having successfully won a legal battle to prevent other chocolate manufacturers from using the colour purple in their product wrappings there was an article on the morning's news about religious types being scared to wrap their advent choccies in purple paper in case they fall foul of the legalities.
How on Earth can anyone copyright a colour?

And so t work where I did my bit and then came home. And again my piss boiled as I listened to the radio. There was a rather self-congratulatory program on radio 4 about how frankly marvellous the BBC was because of it's being a public broadcast service. The presenter tried to big up how wonderful the Beeb was, and tried to play down the systemic biases that the BBC so obviously has. And if anyone honestly believes that the BBC gives the news impartially I challenge them to listen to radio four and see how long it is until they imply that Muslims are to blame for all the ills of the world.

And so home where we had a bottle of plonk (and some port) over a rather nice spot of tea and an episode of the Spoke and Jim show. Hic....

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