26 October 2012 (Friday) - Caching, Astro Club...

I was woken by a frantic barking at 2.20am this morning. I ran downstairs thinking something serious was going on only to find one of the local cats was pulling faces through the kitchen window at Fudge. When the cat saw me it shoved off. Fudge wanted to charge up the garden after the cat but I wasn't having that. I eventually got back to kip, and surprisingly stayed in bed before waking shortly after 8am.
A spot of brekkie, then I ironed shirts whilst watching a documentary about the private life of Hattie Jacques. I knew she was once married to John Le Mesurier. I didn't know she's been having it away with her driver. There's nothing as interesting as what other people get up to. Whilst I was in the thick of this domestic trivia "Daddies Little Angel TM" phoned with a potential plan for the day. A shame she couldn't have come up with this plan earlier as I already had a plan.

Lisa arrived, and then we set off to collect Steve, Maria and Cassie for an afternoon's caching. Fudge liked being again allowed off the lead (wherever possible). We found several caches, we had a good walk, Fudge rolled in something disgusting. A good time was had by all; even if it was cold.

We came home to find "Daddies Little Angel TM" and Sid in residence. Fudge and Sid ran riot for an hour or so. I left them to it and set off to the astro club. Regular readers of this drivel might recall that much earlier in the year there was a talk at the arky-ologee club about archeo-astronomy. It was a good talk, and I had asked the presenter if she might repeat the talk at the astro club. She did that tonight. An excellent talk, much appreciated by the seventy-odd people that were in attendance. It was only a shame that the skies were cloudy.
So much for the weather forecast...

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