9 October 2012 (Tuesday) - Golf

Yesterday I had a wonderful time out with Steve; even if we did get wet and muddy. I did ache when I got up this morning. The morning was rather dull. I cleaned out a beer barrel, ironed some shirts, washed some undercrackers, and carried on drying out the shoes which got rather wet yesterday. I had planned to muck out the fish pond filter and mow the lawn, but the garden was all very wet so I thought better of that idea. A spot of lunch and I then popped to the post office to send a parcel Brighton-wards before making my way round to see the first fruit of my loin. He'd said to arrive about 2.45pm, and I was rather early so to kill some time I did a quick geocache.

I arrived chez "My Boy TM". He opened the door and Fudge promptly escaped. My inclination was to chase after the dog but apparently that just encourages him. When he gets out they leave the door open and after a couple of minutes he gets bored and comes home. I watched him charge past the garden gate a dozen times and then, sure enough, he got bored and came home.

We then set off to the driving range. "My Boy TM" had suggested an afternoon's bashing golf balls about and with nothing better on my itinerary I thought I'd give it a go. It's not as easy as it looks. Apparently it's all about technique and not at all about "bashing the granny out of it". The trick is keeping everything straight and letting the golf bats do the work. Keeping your feet still is quite important, and after an hour or so I started to get the hang of it.
I always thought golf was a rich man's game; it was quite reasonably priced. I might just go back again. Mind you when I came out I did ache. My shoulders and hips were hurting. I'm blaming yesterday's over-exertions for that.

Being Tuesday the clans gathered in the evening. We're watching "Merlin" now. It's quite entertaining so far...

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