6 September 2020 (Sunday) - Holly Hill

I got up and cleared up Sid’s “overnight accident” and chased him outside so he could do a tiddle in the garden. He didn’t, then I found that he’d done that inside too. We shall have to review his sleeping arrangements.


I made toast. We would seem to have obtained a jar of “Happy Shopper” raspberry jam from somewhere. At one pound and nine pence a jar, the shopper can’t be that happy. The same stuff costs less than forty pence in Tesco. There was a whinge on Facebook yesterday about supporting local businesses – I’m all for supporting local businesses but when they are charging nearly three times the price of the supermarkets, there is only so much “supporting” that anyone can do.

As I scoffed toast (and Happy Shopper raspberry jam) I had a look at Facebook. A friend was posting up on behalf of another friend who is currently banned by the Facebook Feds for posting something that “didn’t follow our Community Standards.” I would love to know just what he posted that was so bad to warrant a ban. I’ve reported photos of sexual abuse of children and of animals being abused but Facebook had no issues with those.


With the "er indoors TM"-mobile full of "Daddy’s Little Angel TM"’s tat we loaded our gear and the dogs into my car, and in a novel break with tradition I drove us out to Holly Hill. Karl, Tracey and Charlotte soon joined us, and we set off on a little wander guided by the “Holly Hill Revisited” series of geocaches.

We had a good walk; despite being called “Holly Hill” there wasn’t that much “hill” involved. Although there was some lane walking, most of the lanes were quiet enough that the dogs were able to be off the leads.

I took one or two photos as we walked; you can see how pretty the area is. With well-marked paths and beautiful views the day was only marred by my being kicked by a horse and Treacle having caught (and killed) a pheasant. I suppose I should be cross with her; is it wrong that I have a sneaking sense of pride? My little girl dog is still wolf after all these centuries.

Geocache-wise it was a rather good walk. However…

Whenever I set a series of geocaches I want to be the one who sets them. I don’t want any other caches by other people on the way. About half-way round this series you find yourself in a village where there are three field puzzles (set by other people) which send you off in random directions including the one from which you have just come. But having said that, we chose to do those extra field puzzles.


Billed as a series of five miles, “Hannah” recorded it as a shade under seven miles. Once back at our cars we said our goodbyes and came home to find Sid had escaped the kitchen. Bearing in mind he wasn’t up to today’s walk, and also bearing in mind his “accident” we’d secured him in the kitchen. He’d climbed the barricade and was waiting for us in the living room. I see it as a positive sign that he must be getting better if he was able to climb over the barricades we’d set to keep him in.

And an added bonus was that there were no “surprises” waiting for us.


I spent a little while posting photos up to Facebook, and logging our geo-movements on-line then sent some friends a wedding pressie. Or tried to. The bank certainly doesn’t make it easy to transfer money.

And I then reported the horse that kicked me to the Public Rights of Way people at Kent County Council. Whilst my leg still hurts, if the horse had kicked one of the dogs it would have killed them. I wonder what (if anything) the PROW people will do?


"er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good bit of dinner which we scoffed whilst watching “Taskmaster”, then she tuned in to the Sunday night Zoom meeting. There wasn’t much of a turn-out for it. A few months ago Zoom meetings were all the rage, but now it would seem that these things have run their course.


My leg hurts… if nothing else it takes my mind off of my back.


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