4 September 2020 (Friday) - Rostered Day Off

I slept well; over brekkie I had a look at Facebook and didn’t quite laugh out loud. One person I know was posting about how there is a reiki course locally this weekend run by one of her mates. This course supposedly has a dog grooming element, and is a bargain at only a hundred and forty-five quid for the day.

According to reiki.org reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. I must admit I would be a lot less cynical about it if the partner of the one promoting the event wasn’t always posting to Facebook about their constant life stresses and being in continual pain.


With brekkie scoffed I went down the road to the dentist… The place was closed. I knocked on the door. As I waited a few other people arrived too. Eventually my knocking was answered by the girl who was brandishing her chest the last time I was there. This time she’d made some effort to conceal her charms, but not that much of an effort. She pulled out a load of medical questionnaires, and asked us all questions that would be better asked with a degree of privacy, not bellowed in the street over the noise of passing buses.

I was the first one to be allowed into the building, and once in I had to empty my pockets of everything. Phone, wallet, keys and watch all had to go into a rather large plastic box “for hygiene reasons”. I was then escorted to the dentist’s room, and my box of possessions was brought with us, and left in the corner of the room so that I could keep an eye on it. I was assured that any covid-19 virus on my possessions could bite through my pockets but couldn’t get anyone from inside a box. Go figure.

The dentist had a look inside my gob and told me that I was there for a filling on a front tooth. I knew that. Apparently he didn’t, and there was a five-minute delay whilst he and the dental nurse went and put on different personal protective equipment before doing the filling. He did the filling without any fuss, but once it was done he wanted to show me something. He got out a mirror, and showed me that the filling on the tooth is very noticeably a different colour to the tooth it is filling. With the job finished, the dentist told me that (if I want) he could replace it with a filling that matches the tooth’s colour, but I would have to pay extra for that. If I was the dentist I would have said all that before starting work, but what do I know. I said I would like it sorted so that I don’t feel incredibly self-conscious every time I open my mouth, and he said I should make an appointment to have it done at some future date.

So I was escorted to the receptionists (I couldn’t be trusted to walk ten yards) who were unable to make an appointment as they had no idea what the appointment was for, and because the dentist was removing his personal protective equipment they were unable to talk to him.

They said they would phone me. he last time they said that it took them a month to do so.

Amazingly for all the over-the-top covid-19 precautions that were going on in the surgery, both receptionists had their face masks pulled down under their chins. I’ve said before that if I could find another dentist that was as conveniently located I would leave this lot in a heartbeat.


I took the dogs down to Orlestone Woods where we had a good walk. Fudge humped the tail of a passing dog and got told off, and me and the other dog owner had a good laugh about it. In Viccie Park that would have been a serious incident with name calling and shouting; at the woods it is seen for what is is. Dogs being dogs.


Once home I popped up to the corner shop for croissants to scoff with coffee. And with croissants scoffed I put washing in to scrub then went out to the garden. I harvested a bumper crop of dog turds, then mowed the lawn. And in between hanging washing out and putting more in the machine I got four and a half fence panels painted and three wash loads done. Less than a minute to type; most of the day to do.


"er indoors TM" took a car load of luggage down to "Daddy’s Little Angel TM"’s new abode whilst I then cracked on with some ironing. She came home via the chip shop – did you know it is national fish and chips day today?

A rostered day off? I worked harder than I have all week.

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