6 February 2020 (Thursday) - Feeling Grotty

I woke feeling like death warmed up. Perhaps with the headache and sore throat and general aching I should have gone back to sleep and phoned in sick later in the day, but I put it down to the aftermath of the night shift and got on with life.

I made some toast and scoffed it as I sorted undercrckers whilst watching an episode of “Schitt’s Creek”. Sorting undercrackers is one of those jobs for which you have to pick your moments; ideally a moment when Treacle is somewhere else. She sees running off with undercrackers as being great sport. Fudge sat with me blissfully indifferent to my scrubbed shreddies. He was rather hopeful about the chances of a toast crust though.
With telly watched and undercrackers sorted I peered into the Internet. A friend had posted onto Facebook that applications are open for contestants for the fourth season of “Hunted”. I’ve often fancied being on that show, but I’d need up to a month off work to take part and I couldn’t do it with a cold,
I had an email from LinkedIn. They thanked me for being an active member (which I am not) and suggested I connected with someone of whom I have never heard who is a “Coastal Process Technician at Canterbury City Council”. Having no idea what a “coastal process technician” does, I looked up the job description, but was still none the wiser. You can read it here. I wonder if any of my loyal readers might be able to translate it into English? Mind you I couldn’t help but wonder what Canterbury city council is doing with a coastal technician – have you looked at the map of Canterbury?

I spent a few minutes scraping the ice from my car this morning. As I scraped there was a stream of normal people walking past. At first sight they appeared to be talking to the voices in their heads, but on closer inspection all had hands-free thingies for use with their phones. They all looked weird though... As does anyone talking to the voices in their heads.

As I drove up the motorway the pundits on the radio were talking about how President Trump got off on his impeachment trial. From what was being reported it would seem that he was acquitted because of party politics, not because of any evidence about what he might or might not have done.
There was also talk about Stanley Johnson. Famous for being the father of the Prime Minister he's in trouble because he's been involved in some top-secret government negotiation with the Chinese authorities, and he's mistakenly emailed all the details to the BBC. 
Personally I can't help but wonder if he's more famous for the ongoing speculation about just how matey he is with Georgia Toffolo, but then that's the kind of guy I am.

I drove up to Sainsbury's in Aylesford where I got petrol, and also a sandwich for lunch (we were running short of bread at home and I didn't date use the last of it), and then I went in to work. I arrived a lot earlier than usual. With a new car park being built, car parking spaces are at a premium. Not fancying spending ages queuing for the park and ride I thought I'd beat the rush.
I did.
I then went for a little wander and found one or two places where I stuck some Munzees, then with a few minutes spare I went in to the works canteen where I had a rather disappointing breakfast. It looked good, but wasn't as hot as it might have been, and it did give me something of a belly ache which lasted rather longer than I hoped it would. Not that I would have hoped it to have lasted for very long anyway.

With work worked I came home. "er indoors TM" and I walked (hobbled) the dogs round the park. "er indoors TM" deployed hers (!), and pausing only briefly to loose Fudge in the dark we made our way home.
Once home our phones pinged. Our Munzee clan had reached the first level in this month’s challenge.
Go us!!
Having reached the first level we were rewarded with crossbows and maces and sapphires and stuff. Not bad for sticking a few barcodes onto lamp posts. It almost took my mind off my ongoing headache, sore throat, general aching and poggered heel…

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