1 February 2020 (Saturday) - High Halden

I woke this morning and immediately peered out of the window to see the universe was still where I’d left it last night. I’m not quite sure what I was expecting after Brexit actually happened last night; I didn’t *really* think that a disgruntled European Union would launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike… but part of me did wonder.

I cleared up a little of the carnage from last night, then programmed “Hannah” for today as I scoffed my toast, and I then sent out a birthday message before having a look at the Munzee app. Following our rather good progress last month, both "er indoors TM" and I have been promoted into “The Cup of Cocoa Clan” for February. In many ways this is one of those “Dad!! – How old are you?” moments, but we both see this as something of a result.

We got ourselves and the hounds organised and drove down to High Halden where Karl, Tracey and Charlotte arrived less than a minute before we did. We got our wellies on and set off on a rather good (if rather muddy) five-mile wander round the local paths and lanes.
We’ve walked the paths and lanes round High Halden before; they are rather pretty at any time of year, but I’ve never known them to be quite this muddy. And muddy did make for slippery; getting over some of the stiles did take some doing. As we walked we found a mini-stonehenge-rock-thingy we’ve never found before. We found ourselves on the wrong side of a hedge and on an airfield. We found the dogs in fields they shouldn’t have been in (and retrieving them took some doing).
Geocache-wise it was an excellent walk; hides were findable with some effort, with one or two trickier ones thrown in. The given co-ordinates were all pretty good. There was only one that eluded us.
After three hours we were back at the cars. I scraped as much mud off of the dogs as I could; I think that today was probably the grubbiest the dogs have ever got. And having then de-mudded ourselves we crossed the road to the Chequers where we had a very good spot of lunch washed down by three rather good pints of ale.
I took quite a few photos whilst we were out

We came home; as I bathed the dogs so "er indoors TM" packed an overnight bag, and then set off to see "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" and "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM". I put a load of washing into the washing machine and watched a film on Netflix. “Funny Cow” followed the life of a northern woman who wanted to be a stand-up comedian. It was quite good. I then watched a few more episodes of “Shitt’s Creek” whilst the dogs snored.
Today has really worn them out.
It’s worn me out as well…

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