10 February 2020 (Monday) - Free Food

I’ve slept well recently, but with an alarm set last night I saw every hour of the night. I finally gave up trying to sleep and got up at five o’clock. I watched an episode of “Schitt’s Creek” as I scoffed toast, then peered into the Internet.
Six months ago I was invited to create an “Adventure Lab” geocache. The idea is that you go to five points in Ashford, answer simple questions and get points for the geocaching game. In theory you only get the points if you go to the places. But in practice people cheat. Low level cheating always happens, but yesterday I was shown a Facebook page which not only gave away all the answers but also told you how to fool your GPS into thinking you were in Ashford. I reported the page to the various Facebook Feds and Geo-Feds, but I doubt anything will happen.
Some chap from Sweden had obviously cheated yesterday. Having claimed to have found the adventure lab in Ashford, only a few short hours later he was running a geo-meet of his own in Sweden. Is that possible? I doubt it. I messaged him to ask if he’d be happy for me to fraudulently claim I was at his geo-meet. I also messaged other people about their blatant cheating; all have over eight thousand finds on the geo-profiles.
I then sent out a little reminder about this weekend’s geo-meet that I’m running, then had a little look-see to see what everyone else had been doing yesterday. Several people had had storm damage after yesterday’s high winds. Other people were remarkably quiet – a quick look at the relevant map showed the electricity was still out in large parts of the country,

As I drove to work the pundits on the radio were talking about the national shortage of teachers in secondary schools. With so-called expert politicians wheeled on from both the Conservative and Labour parties it was suggested that teachers might multi-task. Apparently someone who teaches (say) chemistry or English and has a "A" level in maths can be trained up to teach maths to "A" level standard in only two months... or so it was claimed.
What utter rubbish.
I've got a degree in maths and I can't remember that much about it at all. I'd need a serious refresher to get back up to speed.

The pundits were also talking about widespread wind damage across the country with the transport networks in chaos. I got to work easily enough.
I found time to pop to Tesco, to deploy and capture munzees, and I even got a little e-badge for getting enough point to be a level one hundred Munzeer. I saw that as a result.

I went in to work where I spent a large part of the day peering intently down a microscope. As the morning wore on we got a message. A food truck was going to be outside the hospital at mid-day giving free tikka wraps to all hospital staff as a little thank-you for our being so marvellous. I quite like tikka wraps, and freshly cooked free ones are definitely a bonus. Such a shame that I had to queue up for nearly half an hour, and that it gave me a belly ache which lasted all afternoon.

With dogs walked and me fed, "er indoors TM" went bowling. I watched the last episode of “SAS: Who Dares Wins”. Unfortunately as the series had gone on, all of the interesting characters had been eliminated and all that were left were the rather dull ones. I slept through quite a bit of the show.
I think an early night might be in order…

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