30 April 2014 (Wednesday) - Success

The CPAP machine isn't the most comfortable of things to wear; especially when trying to sleep eith it on. I took rather longer to doze off than usual last night. But once asleep I slept through until after 4am which was quite good really. I then took the thing off and slept "naturally" until 5.30am. For a first attempt I'm rather pleased with the thing. We'll see how tonight goes.
Over brekkie I watched more "Ade at Sea"; today Eddie was off the coast of Scotland on the isle of Eigg. I'd never heard of the place before. I checked my emails - I've passed the on-line course I've been doing. I got a distinction for "Internet History, Technology, and Security". I'm quite pleased about that.

To work a little later than I might have gone. As I drove I listened to the radio. And again I despaired for the world.
Crackpot extremists in Nigeria have kidnapped two hundred girls from their school; the reason being that their religion doesn't think women should have any form of education whatsoever.
These children have been missing for over a week. As the worried parents said, it would be difficult to conceal half a dozen children; let alone two hundred. There must be a *lot* of crackpots complicit in this crime. The latest theory for their prolonged absence is that the poor girls are to be forced into arranged marriages. That too is acceptable to certain gods.
This episode alone should be enough to have this form of superstition banned.

There is to be a by-election and the pundits on the radio were criticising the leader of the UK Independence Party for his decision not to stand as a candidate. Even though the chap openly admits that he has no connection with the area, and that for him to do so would be nothing other than a cheap publicity stunt.
It is a sad indictment of our nation that with the government coalition parties unpopularity and the Labour party still recovering from the debacle they made of the economy, rampant jingoism appears to be a sound political position.

Once at work I did my bit. Sax practice went reasonably well. I think I'm getting to grips with "Daisy, Daisy", and fortunately for public morality I didn't see anyone in the car park "getting to grips" with anyone else this lunch time.

Once home I took "Furry Face TM" round the park. He actually cried in fear when a large Alsatian came up the path towards us. I wonder what that was all about. As he's getting older he's getting more cautious around bigger dogs, but to cry?
I then took the back seats out of my car so I can get more luggage into the thing, and with a bit of effort I got the top box onto the car single-handed. I think I might have done something to my back whilst I was at it...

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