12 April 2014 (Saturday) - According To Plan...

To bed at midnight; I was wide awake and watching telly at 3am. I felt tired after an hour or so and went back to bed and then slept util 8am. Not bad really, I suppose. Roll on Monday's appointment at the sleep clinic.
Hot cross buns for brekkie, and then on with the business of the day. I had a plan. The plan was to mow the lawn and tidy the garden. Then to tidy my back room. Sax practice. Dog walk and geo-maintenance in Sevington. Then ten shirts to be ironed whilst watching telly.
(I wrote this list over brekkie just to see how my plans would pan out)

I was rather amazed to find that this was how things actually happened. I got the lawn mowed. It was something of a jungle, but I got it under control. Having put the clippings into the compost bin I now have a full compost bin; but I can take that to the tip another time.
I then ripped out the bigger of the brambles and left the garden mostly presentable. There is still some work to be done out there, but there's no denying that I don't have any interest in gardening whatsoever.

I then went through my shelves like a dose of salts, and have all sorts of rubbish to take to the skip, including quite a few books I am never going to read. There are those who say its wrong to throw books away. If any of those people would like the biography of Alan Titchmarsh or other equally lame volumes they have one week untiil tip run. I found spare computer keyboards (five), broken PC base units (three), blown motherboards (two) and endless cables, modems and mice which are never ever going to be used again. All are on the way to the tip.

Sax practice went well. My teacher is impressed; apparently I am one of a very small minority of saxophonists who don't blow bubbles of spit out of their sax. Today I learned about sharps and flats. Did you know the are three ways to get a B-sharp out of an alto sax? I didn't either. I now have to choose which way will work for me. I suspect I am going to use the laziest way, two of them seem to be needlessly convoluted whilst the third only needs one finger.
With next week being Easter I have two weeks until my next lesson. I have to learn "When the Saints Go Marching In" and assorted Egyptian and Eastern European dances by then.

Home to find both fruits of my loin were visiting. "My Boy TM" was pleased to announce that their hamster was still alive after yesterday's episode.
"Daddies Little Angel TM" was awaiting the arrival of Skinhead who has recently bought a new car. I say "new"; it was the car that Noah drove off of the Ark, it cost the grand total of two hundred and seventy fiive pounds. It was bought on the understanding that anything that was likely to go wrong would have already gone wrong by now, and so the car should be rather reliable by now.
I can't say it's a theory I'd go along with. Despite the alledged reliability of the car the girls walked to the park. There was talk of their taking a flask of tea with them as apparently flasks of tea are cool. But in the end making the tea was too much like hard work, and so the flask remained unmade.

Leaving the girls behind "er indoors TM" and I went off on a geo-maintenance mission. Last week at the monthly cachers meeting I was told that several of my caches needed mainenance or were missing. Today I found that one did indeed need replacing, one had been replaced for me, and the supposedly missing one was fine and had been there all along.

I then got the ten shirts ironed. All the day's planned chores done by 7pm. I was impressed.

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