23 April 2014 (Wednesday) - Debbie Doo-Doos

I suppose I had a reasonable night, but I was still up and watching telly before 6am. Today I watched something I'd recorded over the weekend; old Doctor Who episodes. Specifically the first episode in which the daleks ever appeared on our TV screens.
I was disappointed.
I knew that the special effects weren't up to much. But I rather thought the plot and storyline and acting might get round that little hiccup. They did not. Doctor Who has always been a character to whom one would warm . William Hartnell's Doctor was surly and unfriendly. Not at all likeable. And it didn't help that William Hartnell usually got his lines wrong as well. For example in today's episode our heroes were searching for "anti-radiation drugs". The Doctor was talking about "anti-radiation gloves... erm... drugs".
I expect I shall watch the next instalment tomorrow. If nothing else it will give me something to whinge about.

And so to work. As I drove I listened to the radio. The talk was about how the incidence of violence and crime is at its lowest level for years. Not only in the UK, but internationally. Many reasons have been postulated for this; but the most likely seems to be the decrease in binge drinking and consumption of alcohol which is a contributory factor to many crimes.
It would seem that the financial crisis of the last few years had left most people unable to afford to go out drinking to excess.

Work was much the same as ever; until I had cause to go walkabout. I encountered a tribe of what I can only describe as "pikeys" who seemed to have met up with an old friend. There were half a dozen of them, standing in a semicircle, all pointing at a chubby simpleton whilst shreiking "It's Debbie Doo-Doos" in surprise and delight. The chubby simpleton seemed delighted to have been discovered by the pikeys and was grinning like a loon. The more that the pikeys shrieked about "Debbie Doo-Doos", the more "Debbie Doo-Doos" got over excited. She was even doing a little happy dance.
I couldn't get away quick enough. Unlike "Debbie Doo-Doos" who seemed content to stay there all day being told that she was "Debbie Doo-Doos". Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't just chuck it all in and become a professional chubby simpleton. Life is definitely much more straightforward for them.

My lunchtime sax practice saw me finally getting to grips with the Egyptian dance tune with which I have been fighting for a week. Next on my list is a traditional Hungarian ballad that is (at the moment) rather tricky about the upper octave. We'll see how I get on with that tomorrow.

Once home we went round the park for our usual walk. As we went some teenagers were haranguing the local Polish who were having their customary picnic on the street corner. I wish they wouldn't; it will all end in tears.
"Furry Face TM" was really good; we have a new trick. When I want to get him back on he lead I shout to get his attention and hold up the lead. He sees it and comes to me. I'm not sure how he learned this one, but so far it seems to work....

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