5 April 2014 (Saturday) - Geo-Meet

The excitement of yesterday evening clearly took its toll when I fell asleep in front of the telly shortly after getting home at 11pm. Bearing in mind how poorly I usually sleep "er indoors TM" probably did the right thing leaving me asleep; I woke and went to bed properly shortly after 3am when I dozed fitfully for a couple of hours before getting up and re-watching the lastest episode of "The Big Bang Theory" which I slept through last night.

The morning;s news was all of a twitter about Sir Bruce Forsyth stepping down from his leading role in "Strictly Come Dancing". I can't say I blame Sir Bruce; he's well into his eighties, and is twenty six years over the age at which I intend to retire. Personally I've always liked his appearences and wish him well, but I can't hide my amazement at the uproar the news has generated. How on Earth is Strictly Come Dancing peak time TV viewing? Have you ever seen the show? Whilst I hestitate to dismiss it as utter drivel it is... well, it is utter drivel. WHat is the attraction of the show? I can't see it.

And so on with the business of the day. Hunting tupperware. Today was the "Maker Madness" event at which people showed off their inventiveness at creating geocaches. I had this vague idea to crow about the Wherigos I've put out. It's no secret that I expected that I would invite people along people along to a Wherigo walk only to have no one show, and then I would whinge that I'd offered... sulk, sulk sulk.
In the event I was wrong. A dozen people came along and we had a really good time. I didn't need to help at all. Everyone seemed quite OK with the software; I just wandered along chatting with friends old and new as we went. An hour's stroll led us to the cache as I'd intended when I'd put the Wherigo out all those months ago.
Leaving eveyone behind to find the Park Farm caches I then took "Furry Face TM" home where he went to sleep and I made my way to the WIlliam Harvey pub for the monthly meet-up of tupperware hunters. A really good meet-up of like-minded people. I chatted with old friends. I met new friends. I even met Frankie-Doodle who I've not seen in over ten years. And having guzzled a gallon of light & bitter we even went and did a geocache just to prove we could...

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