19 April 2014 (Saturday) - Busy, Busy

As I went to kip last night the clock on my bedside table read 12.34am. I woke (feeling rough) at 3.33am. Just under three hours sleep (!)
I then lay trying to get back to sleep until 5.30am when I finally got up and watched Family Guy for a while whilst waiting for the time to pass; effectively wasting three hours waiting until the bank would be open.

I then went to said bank to cash a cheque for the asro club. As I was in the area I went into the mobile phone shop to have a whinge. I've been suspecting that my monthly bills have been wrong for some time. It turned out I was wrong; the billing was correct. It's amazing the difference that dealing with someone who speaks English makes.
I then came back home, and whilst "er indoors TM" fiddled about "My Boy TM" came to visit. He was less than respectful about my musical endeavours so I had a quick sax practice for his benefit. H|e was suitably impessed. However once he'd gone, for some inexplicable reason I seem to be going squawky on D and B. I wonder if these new cheap reeds I bought are a load of rubbish.

We then drove out to Smarden to collect some camping gear for the upcoming expedition. As we were half way to Wychling (or so I thought) I had a look-see at what was going on with a Wychling-based geocache. It had gone live on Thursday evening but still no one had found it yet. I thought we might chase the FTF.
It was at this point that I found out how far away Wychling is. I thought it was only just up the road. But we got there, found the cache, got the FTF (happy dance) and even met an old friend from the arky-ologee club too.

Home via a spot of McLunch. It was there that I realised that I am the posh one in the family. I was whinging about the pikey children. "er indoors TM" claimed she couldn't see any pikey children, and therefore I had to be posh.
We then picked up the old tent poles and drove out to the camping shop to get new poles. We picked up a couple of geocaches on the way. I did get a bit wound up as we did one of them. Why do people insist on cluttering up the geo-maps with unnecessary markings for parking points when the obvious parking place is only ten yards from where the geocache is?

From there we drove to Folkestone to take stuff to the Rear Admiral (who'd gone to Maidstone) and to "Daddies Little Angel TM" who'd gone to Ashford. Oh how we laughed.
And with "er indoors TM" off out on the sauce I found myself home alone. Rather than dozing in front of the telly (as I do all too often) I ironed shirts and sorted undercrackers whilst watching forty-year old episodes of Doctor Who.
Dull, but if I can stay awake in the evening I am less likely to spend the night wide awake...

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