20 April 2014 (Sunday) - Herne Hill

After a rather restless night I came down to find three dog turds on the carpet. "Furry Face TM" knew he'd done wrong and was very subdued for the rest of the morning. I was watching Ricky Gervais in "Extras" by 6am. I checked out social media and saw not a lot had happened overnight. As I checked I saw a new geocache went live; not far from where we were yesterday. Ho hum...
The original plan for today was to go to Essex for a spot of watching banger racing. I've never been banger racing before; it might have been fun. But in the same way that Friday's beer festival was abandoned for reasons of economy, prudence dictated that today's banger racing had to go the same way.
I've estimated that by having abandoned the beer festival and the banger racing I can (hopefully) afford the next two weekends' plans.

So in an economical frame of mind we set off to Herne Hill for a day's hunting tupperware. Six of us (and two small dogs) met up at Herne Hill and having solved a clue in the graveyard we set off round the Herne Hill Hike. The weather forecast for the day wasn't good, but it turned out to be pretty much right. A damp start followed by a relatively dry few hours and then torrential rain just after the sort of time I estimated that we'd finish walking.
We had a really good walk; the views would have been better had there been clear skies rather than very low cloud and fog. But it was a good day to be out. And once we'd walked seven miles we had a crafty half in the beer garden of the Red Lion.
I took a few photos whilst we were out

We finished at just the right time; we finished our walk, we enjoyed a pint of ale, and just as we got into the car so torrential rain hit. We abandoned plans for a drive-by puzzle cache and went home with Kim and Andy. Andy had been telling me about Manchester Star ale; a rather good dark ale. I had a bottle. At 7.3% it's not something you mess with. We spent a very enjoyable hour or so chatting and drinking. Must do that more often.

And so home. A rather good bit of tea, and as "er indoors TM" set off bowling I curled up in front of the telly. You can't beat hours and hours of "Only Fools and Horses".

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