18 April 2014 (Friday) - Back to the Marsh

"Furry Face TM" had a barking fit at 2am. After that rude awakening I dozed fitfully for the rest of the night. I got up shortly before 6am and watched drivel on the telly before getting on with the main business of the day.
Originally I had planned to go down to Folkestone to Chambers Bar for the Easter beer festival. But in a novel break with tradition, common sense came into play. Much as I like a booze up, I have one or two major booze-ups planned over the next couple of months. And I know from previous experience that the Good Friday Chambers Bar beer festival ends up costing about a hundred pounds. I've already overspent this month, so an economy had to be made.

Regular readers of this drivel may recall I went on a rather epic geo-walk last Sunday round the Romney Marsh. Although we did all that we had intended last Sunday, there was still a lot of that geo-series left undone. Today was the day to finish it. I put out the word, but due to one thing and another not everyone could make it. But half of last Sunday's attendees were there, and logging geoacaches as "H.O.T.M.M." (half of the Marsh Massive) we walked thirteen miles over six hours. We enjoyed beautiful scenery, and had a good gossip as we went.
"Furry Face TM" seemed to recognise electric fences and pulled away from them whenever he saw any. He also pulled away from the sound of any sheep; I think he associates the sound of sheep bleating with the zap he got from the leccie fence.

I had intended for us to stop for a pint with our picnic half way round at the Rose and Crown in Old Romney. I phoned them last night to see if they were happy with us to do so. They were not. They told me that we could forget about a picnic; we could buy our lunch from them. They told me that rather rudely, so we didn't buy anything from them, and I'd suggest that anyone else in the area doesn't buy anything from them either.
We stopped off along a farm track half way round our walk and we enjoyed our lunch al-fresco; and after the thirteen miles had been walked we had a pint of Early Bird in the Woolpack in Brenzett. They'd been quite happy for us to use their car park whilst we walked and were generally far more welcoming. I even blagged scraps of steak to feed to "Furry Face TM".
And, as usual, I took some photos whilst we were out walking. It was a good walk; this part was more on roads than last week's was. But if anyone wants a guided walk across some rather flat land through some of the most scenic parts of Kent, then the Marsh Mosh is the walk to do.

Home; and over a rather good bit of tea we watched a film. "Wedding Crashers" was something I recorded onto the SkyPlus box shortly before Christmas. It's a film I've been intending to watch for years.
It was a disappointment...

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