22 April 2014 (Tuesday) - Priorities

After another restless night I was up and about well before 6am. Having spent a little while puzzling puzzles I've now solved all the astronomical puzzle series I've been looking at. I then went on-line and applied for a new tax disc for the car. Doing it on-line is far less painful that mucking about in the post office. I would have shared brekkie with my dog, but he didn't seem interested in toast. Since he got a large bone a week ago he's not really shown any interest in any food other than his bone.

To work - a wet mucky morning so unlike yesterday. As I drove I listened to the radio. There was very little of note. The talk was all about who would be the next manager of Manchester United football club. I can't help but wonder if the BBC had got their priorities right. After all who really cares about a silly game of football when there is so much else of note in this world.
The Russian troop build-up in the Ukraine increases and the world has completly ignored the fact that the Russian takeover of Crimea is now complete. The UK Independence Party has apparently resorted to outright racism in its election campaigning. Science has figured out how to cure faulty genes and has cured hereditary illness in laboratory mice. And today was Earth Day.
But none of these warranted air time because the fortunes of some football club was apparently more important.

I popped into Morrisons for the makings of lunch. I thought I might get a pair of tweezers to replace a set I gave away at the weekend. After all they are only cheap things. Or so I thought. A couple of months ago a pair of tweezers in Morrisons was forty six pence. Today the same thing was two pounds. Inflation in action!

And so to work where I did my thing. I saxed at lunch time; I'm now convinced I'm doing something wrong as the squawking sound is getting worse. And with my thing done I came home and walked "Furry Face TM" round the park. He tried to fight a bus on the way, but was completely oblivious of the remote controlled racing car shooting across the fields. I got chatting with the lads whose toy it was; they say that the makers claim it goes at over fifty miles per hour.

The clans gathered this evening for another dose of Merlin. Good stuff...

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