1 May 2014 (Thursday) - Bit Dull

The theory behind my CPAP machine is that when I put it on it gently blows air up my nose. As the night goes on and my sinuses contract (decreasing my breathing), the device senses taht I'm taking in less air and increases its pressure.
When I woke at 5am this morning the thing was blasting a hurricane up my conk. Surely it would make more sense to surgically re-bore my nose thather than to fart around pumping air up a contanatly decreasing beak.

I watched the latest episode of the Tomorrow People. The plot is getting convoluted to the point of silliness now. Mind you there's still a few episodes left in the season to make sense of what's going on. There's still no news about a second season/ A second one would be good.

To work through the rain. A rather miserable morning. As I drove the talk on the radio was simularly dull. The politician and alledged terrorist Gerry Adams has been arrested in connection with a murder that took place forty two years ago. The UK legal system really needs to grasp the concept of the statute of limitations - for justice to have any meaning there must be a time limit in which retribution for a crime has to be made. How can anyone provide any reliable evidence in a case which happened forty two years ago? Those who haven't died can hardly claim to have any decent memory of what happened when I was eight years old. I certainly don't.

I didn't have long for sax practice today; unfortunately rain stopped play. Rather heavy rain; torrential in fact. However as consolation I had an email to say that the geocache I'd hidden on Tuesday morning had finally been accepted. If I'd hidden it near Ashford it would have been found within an hour of going live; being in Canterbury there's no one with any interest in the thing at all...

And so home. I would have put stuff into the car had it not been raining quite so hard... and if I'd not been feeling just a little under the weather.
(Today was rather dull)

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