1 April 2014 (Tuesday) - Sand

A rather bad night; I was kept awake by the "gentle rythmic breathing" (!) of "er indoors TM". I gave up trying to sleep, and came downstairs. the idea was to watch drivel recorded onto the SkyPlus box. However overnight the SkyPlus box had received a software upgrade. So I spent a little while seeing what was new. Nothing was new; the only difference was that all the functions were in different places.
After watching South Park and Family Guy I then had a look-see on-line. Facebook has had a face-lift too. And again nothing is better or improved; just different.

As I got into the car I thought it looked rather grubby. The pundits on the radio mentioned about a Saharan sand storm. I thought that was obviously an April Fool's joke, but every car seemed to have a light covering of sand. It had to come from somewhere.

Once at work I did my bit. At lunchtime I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to a seminar on rivaroxiban. Fascinating stuff, and a free lunch too. Mind you I did have to cut down on the length of my saxophone practice to fit it all in.
And it didn't help that whilst I was setting up my music stand in the car park I was accosted by some silly old git. What did I think I was doing? I thought I was setting up a music stand, and I told him so. I also thought that was obvious and I told him that as well. This twit wasn't fazed at all and demanded to know why I would be setting up a music stand in a car park. He took my honest answer (for saxophone practice - dur!) as sarcasm and had a right whinge about how rude I was. He didn't even shut up when I pulled my saxophone out of the car and started playing the New World Symphony (rather badly).

I took "Furry Face TM" for another longer walk this evening. I do like the lighter evenings. We went round the park where we had a fight with a scottie, and then round to the co-op field where I made another video. On the way home I saw Cheryl and Lacey drive past. they didn't see me, and I sulked about that for a bit.
I then spent a little while emailing various collectors of tupperware. There's a big sandwich box hunting event on Saturday, and as part of it I'm going to show anyone who is interested how to go about completing a simple Wherigo. I've emailed several people; let's see if there is any interest.

And with tea scoffed we set off to Arden Drive. Insults were bandied, and we watched Merlin. Tonight they were bringing people back from beyond the grave. Despite having missed a golden opportunity to improve the show by not returning Sir Bigtits, this evening's episode was rather good. It must have been - I stayed awake.

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