10 April 2014 (Thursday) - Bad Boy !

Up at silly o'clock, and being Thursday morning I watched the latest episode of "The Tomorrow People". After weeks of inaction the story is now beginning to take off. It's taken long enough. I then had a mooch round cyber-space; nothing much seemed to be happening, other than that there was to be an astro club committee meeting tonight. I must have been told about it, but the news came as something of a surprise.

As I drove to work much of the talk on the radio was about the ongoing elections in India. For all that it is apparently the biggest election the world has ever seen, there's no denying that the thing is a matter of indifference to me. Is it arrogant to say that I felt it was a waste of air time to have devoted half the show to it?
Perhaps of slightly more interest was the news article prompted by the death of US wrestling star Ultimate Warrior. The pundits wheeled on a has-been of British wrestling who openly admitted what I've suspected for years; that professional wrestling is all pantomime and the matches are fixed. This chap specifically said this about my old favourite; the WWF (or WWE as it is now known), and was crystal-clear that this has been going on for years.
I wonder if the wrestling establishment will make a fuss about this announcement made on prime time British radio.

I was a little bit miffed about the revelations made about the anti-flu drug Tamiflu. Having felt bullied into having the injection last year, and then having been ill for several days afterwards, I was not impressed to hear today that there have been serious reservations expressed about the stuff; the evidence suggesting that it didn't actually work.

And so to work where to improve the public standing of the inestimable Soup Boy I spent some time coaching him on making a dramatic entrance every time he came into a room. the news That we had been working on his opening was deliberately misconstrued by several...
Lunchtime's saxophone practice was uneventful for once. I'm getting better, and can manage most of my five tunes without too many bum notes. I'm quite looking forward to Saturday's lesson to see what comes next.

Home, where "Furry Face TM" did not greet me with his usual enthusiasm. In fact when he saw me he ran to his basket where he cowered. He'd managed to get the wrappings from last night's gammon out of the bin, and in doing so he'd knocked the bin over. It was no real problem, but the little dog looked terrified. I can't help but wonder if he was beaten and mistreated before he came to us; he's rarely naughty around the house but whenever he is, he never needs to be told off as he always knows he's been bad and he is terrified.
To show him I wasn't angry I showed him his lead. Usually he would go ballistic on seeing his lead; this time he came to me slowly and sheepishly. Mind you once we were at the park he was back to his usual self.

And so home. The astro club committee meeting had been a false alarm so we had a bottle of plonk for tea...

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