15 April 2014 (Tuesday) - Dull

Up with the lark, and I was watching Ronnie Corbett guest-starring in "Extras" as the washing machine did its thing with my smalls. With brekkie scoffed I hung laundry on the line and then set off to work. With nothing of note on the radio my blood pressure remained constant.
Being at the blood test department befor anyone else I got my "blood test for thyroid" done shortly after 8am. Work was unremarkable, and at lunchtime sax practice I finally got to grips with those marching saints.
Mind you the traditional Egyptian dance is still giving me some gyp.

I came home to find Andy waiting on the doorstep; I'd forgotten he was coming round. Regular readers of this drrivel may recall that I had a clear out at the weekend, and Andy wanted one or two bits that I would otherwise have dinged out. He then came with me and "Furry Face TM" on our walk round the park.

Tea, and then leaving "Furry Face TM" chewing on his present from Andy we set off to the weekly gathering of the tribe; this time in Somerset Road. Insults were bandied, choccie biccies scoffed, Merlin was watched, and I stayed awake the whole time.

Not a lot really happened in my life today...

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