29 April 2014 (Tuesday) - CPAP

I usually whinge about poor sleep most days, but there is no denying that last night ranks among the worst nights ever. Going to bed at 10.30pm, I woke at 1.50am and was awake for the rest of the night.
I was watching "Ade at Sea" at 5am; an interesting series following the exploits of Adrian Edmonson as he sails round the British Isles. Today "Eddie" was shrimping for salmon (!) in the Bristol Channel. As I watched so "Furry Face TM" hauled himself out of bed to have the crusts off of my toast. He likes those.
But there is only so much telly one can watch, and I left for work at a ridiculously early 6.30am.

I went via Wye to find a recently released geocache (for something to do), and I stopped off in Thanington to hide one as well. Having been given an ammo case as an Easter prezzie, today I put the thing to use. Hopefully like-minded people will go looking for it, and when they find it I will get emails telling me that they have found it.
Sometimes I wonder if I am not doing justice to this pastime.
It was as I was doing the last part of the on-line geo-admin for my new geocache that I saw that had I left home at a more sensible time, then I would have had the chance of an FTF on three caches not far from home that had just gone live. Rather frustrating...
... In fact almost as frustrating as shopping in Morrisons for some apples and bananas. I found myself behind some twit who had clearly not grasped the concept of a check-out. Bless him.
I then got petrol which is now no cheaper in Canterbury that it is in Ashford. When I first transferred to work in Canterbury two (or so) years go petrol was five pence cheaper (per litre) in Canterbury. Now it's the same price (if you know where to go for the stuff)

Today I went back to the sleep clinic and was fitted with my CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device; a useful gadget that blows air into my nose all night long. Apparently this thing senses when I stop breathing and blasts more air up my nose, thereby keeping me asleep. Here's hoping.
Lunchtime sax practice went well. Or that is to say it went well for me. I don't think the young couple in the car parked next to mine appreciated my renditions of "Daisy, Daisy" and "On Top of Old Smokey" as they tried to fornicate.
In the same way that I have established that he far end of a car park is a good place more me to practice my saxophone because I won't bother anyone, this young couple would seem to have identified the place as somewhere private for a little bit of filth.
It's a good job that I am able to take a firm moral stance. With a saxophone.

Once home I took "Furry Face TM" round the park for a wlk, and then it was off to Queen Street for the weekly gathering. Insults were bandied and I slept through most of an episode of Merlin. Wish I hadn't done that.

And so to bed to try out my CPAP machine. I wonder if it will be any use...?

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