17 April 2014 (Thursday) - Having a Whinge

I woke at 3am to hear my dog whimpering and crying. I had no idea what had upset him, but having settled him I then lay awake for the rest of the night wondering what had been wrong. I wonder if he had lost his bone in the dark; in the two days since he was given that bone he has become inseparable from it.
Perhaps it is now time to take that bone away.

Brekkie was shared with "Furry Face TM" today. He sat on my lap to be combed; he doesn't have fleas but likes to have a good going-over with the flea comb. Whenever I stopped combing him, he squeaked in complaint and carried on squeaking until I continued combing.
Whilst grooming the pup I watched this week's episode of The Tomorrow People. Another good episode. I then checked my emails. I saw a new geocache had gone live in Folkestone. A bit too far away to chase, but I didn't like what I read in the cache description "Why not check out the near by adventure playground."
I've had caches turned down because they are within a hundred yards of a playground, and here's one actively advertising to go bother the kiddies.

As I drove to work the radio was again wittering on about Scottish independence. But not the usual kilted "we hate the English" arrogance. The radio presenter has dug a bit deeper for once. An interview with the English in the North East (Newcastle and environs) shows the average Geordie feels he has more in common with Edinburgh than London. The implication was that should Scotland go independent then the entire Tyneside area would want to go with them.
However opinion isn't entirely in favour of those who would run Scotland from Edinburgh. The denizens of the Orkney and Shetland Isles apparently feel that the politicians in Edinburgh have no understanding of thier concerns and problems and are demanding greater autonomy regardless of whether they are ruled from Edinburgh or London. There was even talk of their wanting to abandon affiliation with any part of the UK and to be lumped in with some form of Scandinavian union.

I had an irate phone call from the hospital's complaints department. Regular reader of this drivel may recall that on Monday I went to the sleep clinic to get the results of the previous week's sleep tests only to be told these tests take six weeks to come through. So I contacted the hospital's "patient experience team" (or "complaints department" in English) to suggest they might make appointments at such a time when test results would be available (as I thought this would be a sensible idea).
The rather stroppy lady form the complaints department phoned back and demanded to know who lied to me; any fool knows these tests don't take six weeks, and that the doctor I saw on Monday had already received the results (even though he said he hadn't). During the course of the conversation it became clear th at this woman from the complaints department had access to my medical records. I feel that is a matter for complaint in itself.
Shortly after this I received a call from the hospital's respiratory people to let me know that I had another appointment at the sleep clinic in a couple of weeks time. That seemed rather soon to me; I asked if I'd got an early appointment because I'd had a whinge. The nice lady laughed and said that everyone who contacts the patient experience department gets bumped up the queue.

Sax practice; last week I ordered some new reeds for my sax. They've arrived. I tried one out today. I think the thing sounds better for the new reed. Mind you it's all relative; the sound is still far from good, just better than it was.

Once home I took "Furry Face TM" round the park and on to visit "My Boy TM". With the first fruit of my loin visited I drove round to get an astro club cheque signed. "er indoors TM" was off on a works outing so I foraged for tea. I'm quite good at foraging; today I foraged in the general direction of the KFC.
I like KFC...

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