9 April 2014 (Wednesday) - Poo (Horse and Fish)

The oximeter didn’t pinch quite so much last night, but it certainly wasn’t comfortable. And again I was up and about by silly o’clock. I watched some Family Guy and some South Park, and had a look-see on line. Not much was going on so for want of anything better to do I did a virus scan on my lap-top. It was as well that I did; I found loads of viruses. Woops.
With it still being far too early to go to work I disassembled the fish pond filter and put the stinking components into soak for the day.

I finally set off to work at 7.30am feeling that I’d already done a day’s exertions. As I drove the talk on the radio was all about the Culture Secretary who had resigned overnight. Despite having been cleared of wrong-doing by the investigatory panel she’d clearly made enemies of the media and a witch-hunt had ensued.
She was right in saying that all the fuss was distracting people from running the country; it’s wrong that unappointed newspaper journalists can decide who has political office in this country.

And so to work where I had a rather good day. On the way home I stopped off at Chilham Koi shop to get new filter medium for the pond filter. They wanted over forty quid for something which I thought would be over-priced at a tenner. Needless to say I didn’t get the stuff.
Once home I took “Furry Face TMfor a walk. As we walked my piss boiled just a little. If my dog does a turd and I don’t clear it up I am liable for a fine of a thousand pounds. Horse riders have taken to using the footpaths and cyclepaths of South Ashford and I can clearly see that no such fines apply to horses. It’s beyond a joke – every horse turd is bigger than my little dog. And there are a *lot* of horse turds.

I then put the fish pond filter back together and turned the pond on for the summer. Seven years ago when we dug the pond I was full of enthusiasm for it. Now I am seriously considering filling it in. I can’t afford to keep upgrading the filter to keep the water clear; the filter stinks. Fish poo reeks so bad I nearly throw up when cleaning it out. And I don’t have time or inclination to do anything pond-related any more.
I’ll give it a few months and maybe shut the thing down for good in the autumn…

And this evening I did the final exam for my on-line course “Internet History, Technology, and Security”. I got eighty-two per cent. I was pleased about that. It’s been a very interesting course – I can thoroughly recommend it…

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