11 April 2014 (Friday) - Justice

I was woken at 4am by "er indoors TM" having some sort of fracas with "Furry Face TM" . I'm not sure what the problem was, and she claims she can't remember anything going on, but whatever it was, it woke me, and I lay wide awake afterwards until getting up to watch "Family Guy" at 5.30am.
After watching telly I checked out the Internet. Regular readers of this drivel may recall the fun I had with the frankly appalling on-line ordering service offered by Argos a couple of weeks ago. Earlier in the week the people at Argos asked me to write a review of my experience. It came as no surprise this morning to find that my review had been rejected.

As I drove to work my piss boiled as the Crown Prosecution Service announced that despite the fact that the Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons has been found not guilty of the allegations made against him, they felt they were still right to have made those allegations.
It strikes me that they are actually saying that they beleive the jury was wrong and that they feel the accused is guilty. Rather a worrying position to take; it is up to the courts and the juries to determine guilt; not the prosecutors.
There's been a lot of high profile people taken to court recently; TV stars such as Coronation Street's William Roach and Michael LeVeil; radio's Dave Lee Travis, comedian Jimmy Tarbuck. All have had their good names dragged through the mire by the Crown Prosecution Service, all have found not to be guilty of the crimes with which they have been charged. However thanks to the high profile of their cases the taint of scandal will remain with them.
And there are plenty of other celebrities who are still facing these allegations. I reserve the right to shout "I told you so" when they too are found not guilty.
It's amazing how standing up to these allegations proves that they are wrong. I wonder what would have happened if Jimmy Saville were still alive and had been taken to court and been given the chance to defend himself against the tales circulated about him
And still the Crown Prosecution Service continues to point the finger.

Once at work I did my bit despite one of the young ladies declaring that the laboratory apparatus was grubby and then announcing that she was going to "scrub her rack". It was as well that I was able to take a moral stance.
Lunchtime saw sax practice; I have now increased my repertoire to six tunes. Yesterday I saw that the music to "Annies Song" was in my book. Today I had a toot, and within half an hour I could perform a passable rendition of the tune.

This evening I took "Furry Face TM" on a walk right through the park, round Singleton Lake and on to the Butt Field Road Munzee. As we were in the area we popped in to see Lacey and her entourage. A minor disaster was in progress as her hamster had escaped and had set up camp behind the wall units in the kitchen.
It is all very entertaining all the time it is someone else's hamster...

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