2 April 2014 (Wednesday) - Fast Asleep (Not Me...)

Another early start spent much the same as most mornings watching drivel recorded onto the SkyPlus box. I have worked out that when the clocks went forward the cheap rate timer on the leccie meter stayed where (when?) it was. So I've taken to doing laundry over brekkie. Mind you, like most things in life, it has good points and bad points.
On the plus side I am saving money by using cheap leccie.
On the minus side I can't hear the telly over the noise of the spin cycle.

I can't remember anything of note on the morning's radio show on my drive to work. I suppose that would be a good thing both for my blood pressure and the temperature of my urine.
Work was much the same as ever. At lunchtime I popped out for sax practice. I found myself a little bored with Dvorzak and so experimented with Puff the Magic Dragon. I found myself going up an octave and was left breathless, but I was rather pleased with the result. I just need to keep practicing.
I saw something rather shocking on my way back in to work. Every lunchtime I go out for sax practice, and the inestimable Soup Boy goes for a run. That's what he tells everyone. As I walked back to work I saw the inestimable Soup Boy. He had made himself comfortable on the grass, taken off his shoes and gone to sleep. So much for his four-mile runs (!)

As I drove home there's no denying that I wasn't feeling on top form. I felt rather breathless. Yesterday I mentioned about Saharan dust. Apparently this stuff has combined with "other pollutants" and has given the worst air pollution in South East England for years. Officials have even gone so far as to advise anyone of a delicate disposition to stay indoors.
I wondered if maybe I should have done that, but small dogs don't understand news bulletins. So I popped the lead onto "Furry Face TM" and took him through the Co-op field and round the park. Our walk was relatively uneventful; no fox poo, no dog fights. All rather dull really.

Once home I checked out the Internet. A geocache or two has gone live locally. Over fifty of the things down on the marsh. That will be something to do over the next weekend or so. I then spent a little while sending personal emails to people whose names appear on geocache logs but rarely come to any of the meets. I've now invited over fifty people (who I don't think have ever done a Wherigo) to come Wherigoing on Saturday morning.
I wonder it there will be much interest...

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