31 March 2014 (Monday) - Dull, Really

What with the clocks having gone forward I found myself waking an hour later than usual. Still far too early, but an hour less early than usual.
Yesterday’s walk had clearly taken its toll on “Furry Face TM “; he was nowhere to be seen at brekkie time. For once I had my toast to myself.

I stopped off in Bybrook on my way to work to collect a Munzee. It brightened up an otherwise dull journey. The radio was rather dull this morning; it was full of talk about how an independent Scotland will retain the pound as its unit of currency. All of the experts were adamant that in doing so would leave an independent Scotland still under the yoke of London’s control. Even the pro-independence lobby conceded as much, but for no explicable reason they thought this was a good thing.

Once at work we had cake. Home-made cake. Very nice. I spent the morning constructively, then went out to my car for the lunch break. Another saxophone practice session. I played with a bit of Dvozak; I thought my tune was recognisable. And my new music stand worked well too.

Once home I was again grateful for the hour’s time change. With a lighter evening I was out for nearly an hour walking “Furry Face TM “. We made a short video whilst we were out.
Once home, with ‘er indoors TM off bowling I sat through the last set of video lectures for my on-line course about the Internet. There is the big quiz to be done next week, then it will all be over. It’s been an interesting course but it’s dragged on. I wish they had made all the course material available right at the start then I could have got on with it and finished it all back in the days when I had time on my hands.
Now to sort out my socks…

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