30 December 2012 (Sunday) - Dull

I had a better night's sleep last night than I've had for a few days. But I don't like getting up whilst it is still dark outside. But we are now past the shortest day - mornings will get lighter. I got up and fussed Fudge. Once he was awake he wasn't interested in me. normally he's quite affectionate in the morning, but yesterday he was given a lamb bone, and this morning he only had eyes for what was left of that bone. Previous dogs have guarded bones and been quite aggressive with them. Fudge isn't nasty with it; he's just more interested in it that anything and anyone else.
So I left him to it, I put the telly on, and watched "Little Shop of Horrors" over a spot of brekkie. And then had the dentist song stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

And so to work. On Thursday I ranted about the drivel that was being aired on the morning's radio show. Today was equally wasted air time. For no adequately explored reason the morning's news program had invited a Rabbi, an Imam, a Bishop and some woman who was something big in religion (exactly what was never made clear), and all had been subjected to an obscure personality test. Funnily enough all of them turned out to be the sorts of people who would do well in organised religion. What a waste of my TV licence fee.

The weather forecast predicted a mostly dry day, which put me into a bad mood. Last night I'd turned down the option to go on a walk round Monkdown; somewhere I've not been before. Half a dozen friends would be off on a brisk winter's morning. With my dog. And I wouldn't be there. Still, as "er indoors TM" so rightly said, I can go back over the summer when it's brighter and warmer. And it transpired that much of the day was spent trying (and failing) to stop the dog eating horse poo. Mind you even if it had been raining today I wouldn't have minded being off today. Today was my brother's birthday; a crafty half with him wouldn't have gone amiss.

Having done my bit at work I came home again. The radio had a program about personal finances, so I turned it off and put on a CD instead. I squalled along to classic "Sparks" tracks all the way. Haven't done that for a while - must do it more often. It's probably better for my blood pressure than getting wound up by the news...
It's rather sad that singing in the car on my way home was the high point of the day...

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