23 December 2012 (Sunday) - Sharsted

Up relatively early only to find "My Boy TM" had popped in on his way to the market. I was impressed to see him moving about quite so early. A quick bout of brekkie, and we tried to rally as many of the troops as was possible via cyberspace, then I played "hunt the sock". I wish I knew where they all went.

The Bat arrived, and we set off to collect others. Via the wonders of sat-nav technology we eventually met up with other friends in Eastling and set off on a walk round Sharsted Manor. For all that we are only two days past mid-winter the day was a lot warmer than it has been lately. We had a lovely walk though the woods. Whilst we were at it we picked up some of the local geocaches; it would have been rude not to have done so.
We found a dozen or so caches in the area. All quite large ones, some hidden rather well; some sitting out in the open.
After a couple of hours we'd done most (all) of the caches in the Eastling area, and adjourned to the pub where we had a pint of the Christmas Ale with our sandwiches. Half our number left us at this point, and a few hardy souls pressed on caching. We found a series of four caches names after characters in "The Simpsons". They were excellent to do, and whilst we were doing them we found a lost railway track and we lost Fudge. The soppy dog wouldn't come back when called. After ten minutes calling we went looking for him. I found him at the bottom of what I can only describe as a small cliff. He'd either ran, climbed or fallen down it, and once at the bottom he was stuck and couldn't get back up. He had a look of abject terror in his eye, and he looked up at me with a very obvious look of relief. I got him to follow me along the cliff till we found a part he could clamber up, and then (after a good fussing) we carried on with our walk. For the next fifteen minutes he stayed within ten yards of me. Soppy dog.

With the four "The Simpsons" caches found we went back to the car, and made our way homewards. Via another eight geocaches. We didn't find one, we found we'd been within spitting distance of another in the past, and got bogged down in a serious swamp in the dark. An excellent day out, but as it had got dark it had got colder, and every time Fudge got on my lap he made me wetter. It was good to get home, get Furry Face bathed and to have a shower myself.

With "er indoors TM" off out bowling I fried up the left over vegetables from yesterday's dinner. Very tasty. I then pootled about on the Internet with a small dog fast asleep on my lap. He seemed exhausted by the day's fun.
I'm rather tired myself...

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