13 December 2012 (Thursday) - A Birthday

As I was scoffing brekkie Fudge was sitting on the top of the sofa watching the world go by. The phone rang and made him jump. So much so that he fell off the sofa. I did laugh. I didn't laugh at the phone call. We get so many calls from 0843 numbers that, on answering, don't respond and then hang up. I wish they didn't call.

The most recent fruit of my loin arrived (with Sid), and we took both dogs for a walk. Fudge’s behaviour is improving. He’s still a pain at times, but he’s far better than he ever was. We came home, and soon the in-laws were with us. It was my father-in-law’s birthday today, and we went out for lunch. Whilst geocaching the other week we’d walked past the Five Bells in Brabourne. It had looked good, so we went there.
They had a locally made stout on the hand pump, and an all-day breakfast. Very nice. And then home for coffee and to proof-read a three thousand word essay on renaissance artists. Not that I know much on the subject, but that didn't stop me proof-reading it.

A quick squabble on Facebook, and then out. First of all to Lisa's house to collect an artificial duck for reasons which will become clear in a future blog entry. Then on to Tesco to get supplies for the work's Christmas buffet. Whist in Tesco's I saw Mr Creosote (of "Monty Python" fame) - this chap really did have the look and build of Mr Creosote. Poor chap. When I came out I found that a tractor was parked next to my car. What was that all about?
And then on to the abode of "the man with no alias (patent pending)" for an astro club committee meeting. Plans for the Christmas meeting, plans for Stargazing Live, plans for the future. Good times... just a shame that the complete cloud cover prevented me from seeing tonight's meteor shower...

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