25 December 2012 (Tuesday) - Christmas Day

We were rather late home last night. And staying up till 2am watching "American Pie" was probably a mistake. I came down this morning to find carnage. Last night Furry Face had been given a rope toy by his Auntie Kat. By the morning all that remained was rope fragments.

We then opened our pressies; a decent haul including new troosers and golf bats. Fudge got quite a few toys, and having trashed his rope toy then ripped the stuffing out of a plush within five minutes.
Eventually we got ourselves organised, and set off to my mummy for Christmas dinner. Fudge seemed to like my Dad; immediately spotting the softie who would feed him. Christmas dinner was good - and loads of it. Oh I ate too much, and then slept through a large part of the afternoon. I was only woken by the theme tune of "Doctor Who". And, in keeping with tradition, I wasn't overly impressed with the Christmas Doctor Who. The show tries to mix adventure and comedy, but all too often comes over as frankly ridiculous. Mind you I did like the new TARDIS console room. And I quite liked the idea of the baddie being an old one; one we've met before. I wonder how many other Whovians spotted the 1967 London underground references? The snowmen were just too obvious, but when they blatantly mentioned the Great Intelligence I was expecting (hoping) some sort of Patrick Troughton cameo.

Despite still being stuffed from dinner, we had cold meat and pickles. And feeling really full we made our way home where we watched the Christmas "Royle Family". Now that show was excellent.
It turns out we missed the Christmas "Downton Abbey". I hope they repeat that. Soon..

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