7 December 2012 (Friday) - Puddles

Four weeks ago I saw something interesting being advertised on the telly. "Empire" was to be a stunning new six-part series following the events after the assassination of Julius Caesar. It looked really good. I've now watched three of the episodes. I say "watched" - "slept through" is a better description. I shan't bother with the last few episodes. There are far better things for me to sleep through.

I mentioned on Wednesday that I had planned to put out a series of geocaches, but the snow put me off the idea. This morning was cold, but dry. Furry Face needed a walk, so we set out on a mission to set those caches. He likes a walk, but he still needs to work on the whole “lead thing”. We were having a good walk up to the point where we got to being about three miles from home in the middle of a ploughed field. That’s when the heavens opened. We got soaked through. Fudge found puddles which were deeper than he was tall. At that point we were as far from home as we were going to be on the walk, so we had little option but to carry on. The rain didn’t last for long – just long enough to soak us. By the time we got home little Fudge was shivering. I wish he would wear his coat but he does seem to hate it so. The pup had a warm shower, and then went to sleep.

Keith called round – he was having a tidy-up and found an old air-bed he thought we might use when camping. Air beds are always useful. Someone came to the house flogging double glazing. I wish they wouldn’t. And during all this I did the on-line organising for the trail of geocaches we'd hidden.
The first fruit of my loin called with his entourage, and we all then went back to their house. They are having Fudge for the weekend (after all he is their dog), so we popped him round and I stayed for a while before coming home to an empty house. It’s not the same without Furry Face being here...

Meanwhile in another plane of existence Stanley has got a remote controlled doo-daa which puts all of his Uncle Norman’s knick-knacks to shame.

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