28 December 2012 (Friday) - Stuff

We were woken this morning by the sound of "Daddies Little Angel TM" coming to visit. Complete with "Cat Scratch Fever". and Sid. A quick bit of brekkie and we left her supervising Fudge whilst we set off to see my mummy. After all it was her birthday today. On the way we stopped off a few times to pick up some geocaches that we were passing. It would have been rude not to have done so.
We eventually got to Mum's house a couple of hours later than originally planned, and after exchanging insults for an hour or so we came home as the darkness was setting in. Home via Tesco which was surprisingly busy.

We got home to find "Daddies Little Angel TM" still in residence, accompanied by the Rear Admiral. Fudge was looking very sheepish and was apparently in disgrace; having eaten his nanny's slippers whilst we'd been out. Normally he knows what he can and cannot eat, but today he would seem to have had an aberration. Bless him.
However Sid must bear some of the blame for having (apparently) egged him on.

And then on to astro club. Attendance was down. Very much so - I counted thirty five people tonight, and can't remember the last time we had less than sixty along. Mind you a combination of terrible weather and being Christmas week probably put a lot of people off of going. But we had an excellent meeting - tributes to Sir Patrick Moore, a demonstration of new planetarium software, a Chrimbo poem, a party feast.
Another great meeting...

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