2 December 2012 (Sunday) - Kings Wood

Oh, it was blooming cold this morning. But Furry Face was rather fractious, and so having let him charge round the garden for a while I took him for a walk round the block. He didn’t seem at all bothered by the frost on the grass and the ice on the paths. That is he didn’t seem bothered until he skidded on the ice. That made him sit up and take notice.
I had this na├»ve idea that not many people would be about before 9am on a Sunday, and we had Bowen’s Field to ourselves. But as we got to Viccy Park I realised that we were not alone. Seemingly every dog in Kent was running loose round the park. Howling, and whiling, barking and fighting. Fudge went straight on to his lead, and we went to the co-op field. Which was just as overrun with badly behaved mutts. So we came home via a bit of a detour.

The morning was dull, and in the afternoon the Bat called round and we took Fudge up to Kings Wood for a walk round the area. It was cold, and I slipped on frozen mud a few times. But Fudge needed a walk, and Kings Wood is good for a stroll. There’s three geocaches up there as well. We found two of them. The third was a puzzle which involved finding a particular tree stump. This stump was marked with an “X” carved into it. Apparently. We couldn’t find it. We gave up after twenty minutes, then went into Challock where we did a few more caches, and didn’t find another.

And so home to warm up. Fudge had a bath. He doesn’t seem to mind baths too much, but if he will roll in fox poo, he has no choice. It’s perhaps rather worrying that I am now quite familiar with the smell of fox poo. I can recognise the smell of poo in general, but I can now distinguish common or garden poo from fox poo. We made a discovery when we came home - as well as fox poo, that dog also likes tea.

With "er indoors TM" out bowling I then spent the evening watching rubbish on the telly whilst Fudge slept. Perhaps a waste of an evening, but sometimes you can't beat slobbing about.
Oh - and it's December. December isn't December without a Lego Advent Calendar...

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