11 December 2012 (Tuesday) - Bit Dull Really

I thought I'd have an early night last night. It took half an hour for Fudge to stop howling. I came down to him several times, and each time he made a bolt for the stairs When I'm home alone he always plays up at bed time. Two minutes after he settled my phone rang. Last Friday I set five multi-geocaches. One of them seemed somewhat elusive. It seemed I'd made a stuff-up with setting the co-ordinates. Woops.
So much for my early night. And despite all the excitement I didn't sleep well; waking at 3.30am and laying wide awake until finally giving up and getting up at 5.30am. I had a spot of brekkie, watched an episode of "The Brittas Empire" that I hadn't seen before, and set off to work.

There was thick ice on the car this morning, and a near pile-up on the ring road. Call me traditionalist if you will, but if a car is on the outside lane and indicating right I feel I am justified in thinking that car is intending to turn right. I don't think that said car is somehow trying to overtake and will in fact actually go left whilst still indicating right.

The news was alive with Parliament's discussions about gay marriage. I don't see what there is to discuss. Anyone should be able to marry anyone they want provided both (or all) parties understand what's involved and are happy with the arrangement. Whether they should be able to get married in a church is a different question, but one which is just as easily answered. The bible is quite clear on the subject, so gay people can't be married in church. Unless churches are to be forced to go against their beliefs, or vicars don't agree with what they preach.
Why is Parliament wasting its valuable time discussing something which is so straight-forward?

The most recent fruit of my loin phoned mid-morning. She'd been home with Sid and the two of them had collected Fudge and all been off on a walk. She'd phoned to tell me how impressed she was with Fudge's behaviour. He didn't once try to fight with other dogs today, and he came back when called every time. He's coming on in leaps and bounds apparently. I'm quite pleased about that. I then carried on doing my bit at work, and then came home.

Being Tuesday the tribes gathered. Another episode of Merlin. A good show - one I've taken a liking to. And then rather than going to bed we went out geocaching. Wish me luck..

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