24 December 2012 (Monday) - Christmas Eve

I had something of a lie-in this morning, staying in my pit until 8am. Life is too precious to waste slobbing about in pits. Whilst I waited for the rest of the tribe to emerge I did something festive, and de-friended a dozen people from my Facebook list. Several people have lost their passwords in the past and set up new accounts, so I pruned out the old ones. I also chucked off people that I don't know. There were several of those. Mind you, there are still quite a few on the list who I'm not sure about. Probably either members of the astro club or arky-ologee club. Or kite fliers. Or geocachers. Or people I used to work with. Perhaps I should delete absolutely everyone and start again.

As "er indoors TM" set off to do the last of the Christmas shopping I took Furry Face for a walk. It's funny but since I've started taking him round the block I am now on speaking terms with lots of people to whom I've previously only nodded or smiled. Today's topic of conversation was universally the local floods. The fields round by the outlet centre are under water as was parts of Viccy Park; and the river was several feet higher than usual. Years ago (before we moved here) our road flooded. Lets hope that won't happen again.

We came home, and waited for "er indoors TM" to return. Whilst we waited Fudge slept. Once she was home we got the last of the pressies wrapped and set off to visit the in-laws. As we drove across the Romney Marsh we saw so many floods; the road was completely covered in places. So much water that it rather spoiled quite a few geocaching opportunities (!)
We visited family, but what with trying to fit in one geocache too many on the way home we had no time at all on arrival home before we were out again. The tribes gathered at Steve and Sarah's where a dozen of us had a wonderful evening. Laughing and chatting, and we sent out for Chinese. Very tasty. And then more chatting as I dozed on the sofa...

It's now slightly more than eleven months before I get to do Advent calendar again...

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