9 December 2012 (Sunday) - Jack and Jill

I felt rather rough when I woke this morning. But I woke to the sound of tea and coffee being made. Soon everyone was up and about, and Tracy made the best bacon and mushroom wraps I've ever tasted. Unfortunately Tracy couldn't join us for the day's outing, so we said our goodbyes. It's such a shame we won't meet again for ages. Really must do something about that.

But Dave had ideas, and lead us off into deepest West Sussex. We parked up at the Jack and Jill windmills and walked though wonderful countryside down to the Chattri monument. Yesterday was a glorious day. There's no denying that today was cold. The wind was bitter at times, and my hangover didn't help. But I was in the most beautiful countryside with good friends. I wouldn't have missed being there for the world.
Whilst we were in the area we took in a few of the local geocaches; including something I've not seen before. Two geocaches seemingly being hidden at the same place. The rules say that they should be a tenth of a mile apart. Something has clearly gone wrong. I understand that both caches have now been squealed up to the relevant authorities.
After three hours we were chilled to the bone, so we made our way to the nearest pub. Bearing in mind how many calories there are in beer, and also bearing in mind that the second bottle of port last night was possibly a mistake, and not forgetting how cold I was I chose not to have beer. Instead I went for hot chocolate. One small pissy-little cup of hot chocolate cost as much as a pint of ale. And they wonder why people don't go to pubs these days(!)
All too soon we had to say goodbye to Dave. We won't leave it so long next time, but for now (as always) there are photos of what I got up to on-line.

We came home. Had we been thinking we would have gone home via Hastings and the family Christmas party. But we weren't thinking, and we forgot all about it until we were home. And once home we collected Furry Face who apparently had enjoyed having a lazy weekend. The house does seem a better place for having him under foot again.

I then checked the internet to see what I'd missed in the day or so that I'd been away. Over the last few weeks there had been talk of setting geocaches designed to be found at night. Ones with reflectors and stuff. I'd expressed interest in helping set these caches, and came home to find they'd been put out in my absence. Oh well.
There was also sad news. Sir Patrick Moore has died. Regular readers of this drivel may recall that I once met him. He was a wonderful fellow, and the world will be a sadder place for his going.

Meanwhile in another plane of existence "Ted the Spanner" has arrived on the scene. He has a large tool. He is not averse to brandishing his implement whenever the opportunity arises. One cannot help but wonder how much opportunity will arise over the next few days...

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