6 December 2012 (Thursday) - Dull

Fudge seemed particularly soppy this morning. He was unusually quiet yesterday afternoon and evening as well. I'm told that after I left for work he was sick. I hope he's not the next one in the family to be going down with cat scratch fever. Perhaps he too needs ointment.
Mind you, I expect it was the lamb bones he crunched up last night (or the sauce they were covered in) that disagreed with him. His guts were ripe this morning, as were mine. Which was nice for us both (!)

It was cold when I got into my car this morning - minus five degrees. That's chilly. My usual trick of pouring cold water onto the windscreen failed at that temperature because the cold water froze and made the ice worse. Perhaps I should try adding anti-freeze or washing up liquid to the water? I need to work something out - it took quite a while to clear the car of ice today.

I had a quick look on Facebook this morning. A teacher of my acquaintance was having a minor rant about a news item. It's been suggested that teachers' pay rises might be linked to the teacher's ability as judged by the success of their students. Apparently teachers see this as a bad idea. I'm not sure I agree. After all a salesman's pay is related to how good he is at flogging his wares. Footballers who don't score goals get the heave-ho. What's the difference?
And on the news on the radio was an article about a company called "Golden Spike" who are hoping to offer commercial flights to the moon within the next ten years (for those who can afford it).
Interestingly the radio focussed on the legal aspects of such a venture. Apparently space is somewhat anarchic. All of humanity's laws only apply groundside or in low Earth orbit apart from a few which were made in 1967 and aren't really applicable any more. There are now people who are making a career out of space law. Surely going to the Moon is a far bolder venture than legalistic quibbling?

Also flying, but not quite so high, are unmanned drone aircraft which are being used more and more to obtain quite stunning aerial photographs. Whilst no one denies how spectacular the photos obtained are; there is a growing feeling that these photos might be invading people's privacy. So much so that here are calls for legislation about such aerial photography. There are those of my loyal readers who attach cameras to kites to obtain scenic shots. I wonder how they might be affected by this? If kite fliers had a national body then this national body might look into the matter, but I doubt the BKFA will be interested.....

Today was rather dull...

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