8 December 2012 (Saturday) - Lewes

I had an early night last night. Just as I was dozing off there was a frantic hammering on next door's front door. The hammering continued; I looked out to see a couple of policemen on their doorstep. They continued hammering on the door for five minutes before giving up and going off on their way.
"er indoors TM" came home quietly at 3am which was nice. Why is it that that these little episodes never happen on nights that I'm laying wide awake?

I got up perhaps a little earlier than I might, and came down to a very early house. I've got used to being greeted by a sleepy Fudge in the morning, but with him being away this weekend there was no one downstairs. For someone who's definitely not a dog person I found myself really missing Furry Face (who had only been gone for twelve hours). We brekkied and having collected the Rear Admiral we set off for deepest Sussex. We don't see anywhere near enough of Dave and Tracy,and having suggested a weekend's geocaching round Lewes today, we took Dave up on the offer. We all met up at the start of the Lewes circular. and had a really good walk through the Sussex countryside.

Three hours later with the walk done we drove into Lewes to find Tracy. We also found Simon and Corinne and we had a crafty pint (or two) in the Lewes Arms. From there we went on to the brewery shop of Harvey's brewery. They had a whisky tasting going on. It's always been my ambition to find a whisky that I like. I am still searching.
Pausing only briefly to do a few geocaches in Stanmer Park we then went back the the Davery for a rather tasty bit of tea, and a few beers, and some sillyness, and more beer, and cheese and port, and more siillyness, and it all got rather vague.....

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