5 December 2012 (Wednesday) - Snow

My plans for a lie-in went west when "Daddies Little Angel TM" texted at 7.30am to ask about the walk we were planning to do today. So I got up, abluted, brekkied and pootled about waiting for her to arrive. Once she was here we fed both dogs (they are best fed together) and looked out at the snow.
Having planned to put out a series of geocaches today, and having planned a rather serious walk along which to put them, and having spent a little while making them, plans went on hold. It's enough of a struggle to convince the most recent fruit of my loins to do anything geocache-related. Let alone doing so in sub-zero conditions. Instead we took the dogs on a walk round the nearby fields where they seemed to have a good time. For all that it was cold, the dogs seemed to like the snow. I took some photos of them whilst we were at it.
I just wish that I could train Fudge to be as well-behaved as Sid is.

After half an hour we came home to warm up. "Daddies Little Angel TM" has a nasty rash. She's had it ever since she had a set-to with Binks a few days ago. From what we can determine, I think she's got cat scratch fever (really - it exists!) and I suggested she see a doctor. After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing she did just that, and has been prescribed ointment.
I then patched up an old coat, and went up to town. Money had to be paid in to banks. Santander had an offer - for two quid a month they offer an account which gives cashbacks. Quite a few cashbacks. I asked my bank if they offered anything similar. They don't. I might be changing my bank soon.

Whilst in the town I went to all sorts of shops trying to find more patches to cover up the small holes in an otherwise perfectly serviceable coat. I couldn't find anywhere that sells them though. I came home and had a good look around. Over the the years I collected all sorts of sew-on patches which would do the job. Now I can't find any. Mind you, on the plus side I found my astro club hat which I thought I'd lost.

"Daddies Little Angel TM" 's mate Skinhead came to visit. Which was nice. I'd not seen her for ages. We exchanged insults and pleasantries, and then terrorised the dogs. The plan was to teach Fudge tricks. Instead Fudge seemed to teach Sid bad behaviour. Good dog...

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