10 December 2012 (Monday) - A Wasted Day

One of the services offered by parcelforce is that if you have a parcel to be sent, they will collect it from your house. So "er indoors TM" arranged for a parcel to be collected from us this morning. I got out of my pit earlier than I needed to and waited for postie. And waited. I put on a film to watch whilst I was waiting. I watched the lot. I watched rubbish on UK Gold. I did some housework. I did the laundry. I did the ironing. I played games on the computer.
In between this I phoned parcelforce to see what the delay was. They promised they'd phone me back. They didn't. So I phoned them again. And again I got passed from person to person, all of whom took my name and number and promised to get back to me. Eventually they phoned me back (at 6.30pm) to say they had absolutely no record of me on their system.
Oh how I laughed.

Whilst we were away at the weekend we found a dog's T shirt laying about. So I brought it home, washed it, and thought it would be good for Fudge. When we go out he does get cold. He's only a small dog and just lately he's been shivering when we've been out. A T shirt will keep him warm. Having washed and dried it I tried it on him. I've commented in the past about how he doesn't like his coat. He doesn't like his T shirt either. He had a right sulk. You can tell when he sulks because he stops moving. He just stands still and sulks.

With "er indoors TM" off bowling this evening, I sat in front of the telly watching more rubbish on UK Gold. Someone from the TV company phoned whilst I was slobbing to see if I was aware of their special Christmas bargains. He was rather stumped when I told him that having cancelled the sports and movie channels because I never watched them I was rather loathe to pay good money to have them back. And then there was an advert on the telly for the perfect Christmas present - a DVD of edited highlights of the Olympic Games. I suppose that people must watch that sort of thing or they wouldn't sell them. But I can't see the attraction.

And during all of this, the nice people next door clanged their piano and strangled their violin. I'm not complaining. Far from it - I welcome their noise. It means I can make all the racket I like with a clear conscience.

I will end today with an apology. It's no secret that I welcome comments on all of my witterings. If nothing else it shows people are actually reading what I write. But I have tweaked the settings. From now on the blog software will not allow anonymous comments. If you want to comment on anything I've written you will need a Google account to do so. They are easy enough to set up, and they are free. If this is a problem for anyone, then I apologize. But the amount of spam comments that I am getting from people trying to flog their wares has reached epic proportions. So if anyone wants to comment on what I write, that's fine. But they can't do it quite as anonymously as they used to any more.

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