31 December 2012 (Monday) - New Year's Eve

I felt a bit grim when I woke this morning; a bit chesty. Let's hope it passes. I don't like being under the weather.
Over a spot of brekkie I did the astro club's account. Quite healthy really. Then I did my own accounts which could be a lot worse. Whilst I was at it I cleared out my letter rack; finding quite a bit of stuff I should have dealt with weeks ago. Oh well...

With very little else planned for the day we went up to the town. After all, the rain was rather excessive; too heavy to really do much else. Whilst parking I met someone I've not seen for years; someone with whom I attended a management course about fifteen years ago. We chatted for a few minutes, then set off bargain hunting. I got a nice box for excess lego, and several cheap bits for the evening. Whilst shopping we met quite a few friends who also seemed to be at a loose end.

We then popped to the bank to deposit over a hundred quid. Again I've slipped up; not thinking to embezzle it until it's safely in the account. And then on to Matalan where I got new trousers and T shirts in the half price sale. I needed new trousers. My favourite pair had become far too baggy and I'd ripped the arse out of then some weeks ago, but that hadn't stop me wearing them constantly. I was amazed by the attitude of the till staff in Matalan; as I was paying, the woman at the next till looked at the size of the queue and loudly and sarcastically remarked how it must be good to have time off during the week. I let it pass; perhaps I should have complained.

Home for lunch. I had planned on taking Furry Face for a walk in the afternoon, but the rain had got so bad that he wouldn't even go into the garden. So with little else to do I ironed shirts and then slept in front of the telly until the Bat arrived.

Once he was here we all piled into the Batmobile and set off to Folkestone for the traditional New Year's Eve gathering. Twenty of us met up and had a great time. Maria had put on a wonderful buffet, and I for one stuffed myself silly. We played the dice game for the silly things we'd bought from the pound shop earlier. Things got quite competitive for a broken tablet PC and some chocolate frogs. And a mankini was won. And modelled.
Grapes at midnight; I slept through a comedian on the telly, and home at 2.30am to find Furry Face had disgraced himself on the kitchen floor...

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