3 December 2012 (Monday) - A Day Off

Having a day's holiday I thought I'd have a lie-in. Fudge thought otherwise and leapt on me and licked me awake at 8am. It's a dog thing.

I had a spot of brekkie, and pootled around on Facebook until the Rear Admiral and Sid arrived. We put the dogs in the kitchen and popped to the bank to pay in some money. I don't like having too much astro club cash in the house just in case. In case I lose it or embezzle it. Mind you it would be a lot easier to embezzle it whilst it's cash rather than when it's in the bank account.
Whilst we were in town we had a crafty fry-up. You can't beat a bit of cholesterol.

Home to collect the dogs. Both dogs were in Fudge's basket; in a heap on top of each other; both fast asleep. They woke, we got their leads on (Sid's easier than Fudge's), and I took the Rear Admiral on a tour of my geocache trails. I wanted to do a maintenance run, and he wanted an introduction to caching. Three hours later both missions were completed.
Mind you I was rather surprised to find that about half my caches had lost their waterproofing. I wish people would be more careful whilst geocaching.

A quick cuppa, and then the Folkestonians set off home. I got the laundry out and ironed like a thing possessed. Ironing doesn't do itself. Whilst ironing I found all the tea towels that I couldn't find last week. And then I fiddled about with my blog archive. Six years of my life. I wonder if a web page is the best format for the archive. I suppose I could put years' worths into e-book format and make them available via Amazon for a few pence (to cover my costs!) I might just be the next JK Rowling (!)

I then added a friend to the Kent Geocaching group on Facebook and was frankly disgusted at the reception the chap got. I had to remind myself that there are over two hundred people in the group, and the vast majority are really good, decent people. But it only takes one thoughtless comment to give offence. I really wish people would read what they've written before pressing the "send" button.
It's certainly put me off of adding anyone else to what I have always thought to be a very good group...

Oh - and the Lego Advent Calendar continues...

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