30 September 2009 (Wednesday) - Anchors Away...

Up at 6am to do their ironing again. And then to Asda for some vegetables for dinner. I’m getting a tad fed up with both.

Work was dull, and then home again where I eventually managed to saw through the padlock and got the cables off of the ground anchor. It’s been suggested that I leave the anchor where it is, and use it to secure a bench in place. I might just do that.

My Boy TM ” was watching telly. There was some hypnotist who was sending out mental vibes so that you would be unable to get out of your chair. God forbid either brat should see that….


  1. My nephew said it didn't work on him at the time but the next morning he found he couldn't get off the mattress.

  2. That bloke is a friend of my family.
    It work fine for me if i watch it in bed on a monday morning.