27 September 2009 (Sunday) - Painting The House

The infernal church bell was clanging at 9am this morning, which put paid to any hopes I might have had for a lie-in. I woke feeling somewhat under the weather. I blame the half a bottle of port I guzzled last night. So rather than laying in bed feeling ill, I got up and cracked on with the front garden.

Despite nearly falling off the ladder a couple of times, I got the loose paint chipped away, rubbed the walls down and got a coat of paint on before sitting down to a roast dinner. So easy to type, not so easy to do. The painting bit alone took just over three hours to do.

And then after dinner I demolished the skanky fence by the front door – the plan is to have some decent railings there in the not too distant future. By the time I’d painted up the decent fence, the light was beginning to fade. I took that to be a sign that it was time to stop. I got a lot more done today that I was expecting to. The next step is to do a second coat of white paint, so I shall need to find a clear three hours when it doesn’t look like rain. Then I need to do something with the ground anchor. I installed an anchor to which I used to chain my motorbike. I really should get rid of the thing, but I suspect it has rusted in place. There are all sorts of locks and chains attached to it for which I have long since lost the keys. I see a few hours sat with a hacksaw coming up.

And now I ache….

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