23 September 2009 (Wednesday) - The Next Project

Last Friday I went into work some three hours too early. Today I compensated for that by going in some three hours late. Last week I mentioned that I’d done the electoral register paperwork on line, so this year would be the first time I didn’t get the red reminder. The red reminder arrived today. I hope the on line thing worked. I then put some directions for the next cycle ride onto the diary section of the blog. What with family reunions, birthdays, bonfires and astrobashes, I’ve only got one weekend available for cycling in the next six weeks. After that we shall be into bleak November. It’s possible that this might be the last cycle ride of the year, so we’ve chosen an old favourite at Warehorne as our destination. If any of my loyal readers are free on Saturday October 3rd, do come along…

To B&Q (again) – this time for a stiff brush and some masonry paint. Next door have painted the front of their house and it’s put mine to shame. One of the advantages of keeping a blog is that I can use it to find out how long it is since the house was last painted. Unfortunately the blog doesn’t go back that far. I’ve found a photo from 2002 which has the house with its current colour. It must be over ten years since I last painted the outside of the house, and it’s getting a bit iffy in parts.

Once I got home from work I spent an hour scrubbing the front wall (such as it is). The plan currently involves getting that bit scrubbed and painted first before making a start on the house itself. And I suppose that before I paint the outside of the house, I should really borrow Alistair’s ladder and get up and scrape the gutters out. I’ll do that over the weekend…..

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