2 September 2009 (Wednesday) - Tidying Up

Thanks to my early morning alarm earthquake, I was up and ironing by 6am. Well, I needed to get up as I was on an early shift.

We had the auditors in at work today today. I wouldn’t mind, but it was a day of disruption to tell us what we already knew. Still, I took an extended tea break and vanished off visiting friends on the ward. I’m not breaking any confidences when I tell my loyal readers that she’s come home now.

Seeing how the camping season is over, last night Martin helped me take the top box off of my car. And since the car is now low enough to get into the tip, I have commenced a serious tidy up of the house. I say “tidy up” – I am just going to throw things away. Anything I’ve not actively used for a year is going to the tip. Oh, the rubbish I found. Two old computer cases. No components in them, just the cases. Network cards a foot long. Installation CDs for hardware I’ve long since thrown away. A knacked SkyBox. I’ve filled the car with rubbish for the tip.

And once I’ve emptied the car tomorrow, I have loads more to take up to the skip. I’ve discs of software that is antiquated and needs chucking. I’ve loads of software that has been superseded so many times that need to go. I have so many books that I’ve never read, and have no intention of reading. And the music CDs. We just hoard so much old rubbish. I have a watch in a box that was knacked and broken before I left Hastings. I have been saving this watch with a view to eventually getting it fixed for some twenty five years. It’s never getting fixed, is it? So why do I keep it? And I have so much else like that. It’s all going.

And then the stuff I’ve found. Two PCs which look functional – I’ll spark them up and see if they work. And photos – I found photos of a trip to Chessington World of Adventure. I can remember some of the rides there. I don’t remember being at he back of a log flume, though. But I’ve obviously paid to buy the photo.

And then I revamped the astro club’s flyer. The plan is that it can be given out at Challock Goose Fair to advertise both the club and the one-day Astrobash event in October. You can see the flyer here.The idea is that the two sheets on the website are printed on either side of a sheet of A4, and the whole thing is then a three fold flyer. I’d be grateful for any comments or suggestions. I can’t help but think it looks a bit busy. I’ve also got to put the finishing touches to the astro club accounts and arrange the change of signatory with the bank. And whilst in theory that would be the end of my involvement with the committee, in practice I suspect little will change. I certainly intend sticking my oar in until I get told to clear off….

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  1. Your 'oar' is always welcome, mate!