9 September 2009 (Wednesday) - A Quiet Night In

Today was rather dull. Got up, did even more laundry, to work, blah – de –blah. Being on an early shift meant I got home early, and then after drafting a witty and erudite crossword to sent into HMP Slade, I just fell asleep in front of the PC.

I woke up to find over an hour had passed, then spent some time in YoVille. It’s a bit like NeverWinter, but without the Dungeons and the Dragons (if that’s possible). And then me and ‘er indoors TM sat down to watch a film. Which is far easier said than done. I can’t stick the romantic dribble she likes. And she can’t abide the quality entertainment I like. For a house that is drowning in DVDs, there aren’t many we agree on. We settled for BlackBall, something we saw at the cinema six years ago. If you’ve never seen it, I can recommend it. What happens is….

And then, after a couple of bottles of beer and a decent fraction of a bottle of port, work phoned….

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