7 September 2009 (Monday) - Photocopying

Up with the lark again. Well,actually, before the lark. I’ve never seen a lark in the morning. Come to that, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lark at all. I expect they are all in bed until long after I’m at work….

Anyway – up early and on with ironing. I left home a tad later than usual to drop more tat off at the tip. The tip doesn’t open until 8am. And this was how I reminded myself why I leave for work so early in the morning. The rush hour traffic is awful. Far better to get to work early & have a cuppa rather than sitting in queues.

And then to arrange the photocopying of the astro club flyer. I phoned the people in Upmarket, because they did all the photocopying for the Snake Club, and Energize News (whatever happened to that?). They quoted me, and told me that Staples could do it cheaper. I phoned Staples who wanted double the price. So I took my dinner break and went to Upmarket. Oh dear… Perhaps I should have paid twice as much. Their photocopier was a tad temperamental. But nowhere near as temperamental as the shop assistant’s small child sitting in the corner playing “FarmVille” on the PC.

I wanted two hundred double sided copies. Once the photocopier had psyched itself up to actually working (and that took some doing), the thing could only do batches of twenty copies before needing a rest. The task was doubly complicated by the small child periodically wandering over and randomly pressing buttons on the photocopier to find out what they did. Staples could have done the job in minutes. I waited for an hour. It was painful. The shop (which offers photocopying as a service) ran out of paper at one point and had to borrow some. And just as the photocopier was getting up a good head of steam at about copy number 150, the small child finally realised that said photocopier was a serious rival for its mother’s attentions. And so in a pre-emptive strike it comprehensively trashed the device.

I eventually got my copies, and took them round to the astro club committee meeting. Technically I’m not on the committee any more, but as I mentioned a few days ago, I shall keep on sticking my oar in. I got given some more jobs to do at the meeting, so I suppose I wasn’t that unwelcome….

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